Truth Table

A truth table is table used to determine whether logical propositions are true or false for given input values.


Enter a proposition above and the truth table will appear, breaking down the relationships of the inputs.

Truth Table is very flexible to which inputs are valid. An atomic can be a letter, word, or words seperated by spaces which will be case-sensitive. Truth Table accepts many equivalent symbols for connectives.

Negation can be written
not, NOT, ¬, !
Conjuction can be written
and, AND, Λ, &, &&
Disjuction can be written
or, OR, , +, ||
Exclusive disjunction can be written
xor, XOR, , </>
Implication can be written
if, IF, ->, =>
Biconditional can be written
iff, IFF, <->, <=>

Connective precedence follows the order in which these connectives have been listed.

This tool is open-source.