Women's rights

We cannot lean on the Supreme Court to bring social progress to this country. The battles are back on, the war for women's rights is still ongoing.

Roe v. Wade was just overturned by the Supreme Court. Millions of American citizens now have fewer rights than they had just yesterday. Thirty-nine percent of reproductive-age women are now under some kind of state abortion ban.

The argument can be made that, adhering strictly to the Constitution and what the court can weigh in on, the Supreme Court rendered the correct decision. They dissolved themselves of any responsibility in deciding this issue. Instead they are leaving it to the states to decide.

Leaving most issues to the states is an effective means to "experiment" with laws and policy. However, when it comes to human rights, experimentation with health, safety, and privacy at its most intimate is unacceptable. This of course being my stance on the issue. While the merit of the decision and the law can be debated endlessly, the immediate reality is women are now second-class citizens in our society.

There's certainly a lot of blame to spread around on all sides of this issue. The justices who lied under oath about not reversing the decision should be investigated, tried, and removed if possible. The Republican party who shepherded these events to transpire in their anti-women pursuits are at fault. And of course, we need to hold the Democratic party accountable for leaning on the Supreme Court to fight its battles in the past.

Relying on the courts to uphold anything not explicitly encoded in either a treaty, constitutional amendment, or even legislation was irresponsible. The sad truth is America was and always has been divided on this issue. Using the courts to enforce the popular opinion was immediately effective in giving women their rights and strategically was the right first step. Immediate action was optimal, however the pro-choice movement fell short resting on that shallow victory. We needed conclusive underpinnings to ensure these rights and the Democratic party failed to drive it home.

We should pursue and evaluate every option to mitigate the current Supreme Court, given the perjury and polarization of its present members. However, the present situation is states are in control and these are the next steps:

  1. States supportive of women's rights need to become a safe-havens. This means providing easy access to abortion for non-residents, subsidies on procedures to offset traveling costs, and incentives to women leaving their current state besides just getting their basic rights back.

  2. Solidify every legal foundation we have. State constitutions need explicit amendment to permit abortion. Create open inter-state agreements where states that support women's rights have discounted commerce and less regulation where it encourages non-members to join. Explore every avenue to make capitalism do the heavy lifting. Urge your representatives to enact these changes today. Vote for and support representatives bringing this legislation forward in your state.

  3. Penalize anti-women states. The constitution prevents states from levying tariffs and taxes on goods to and from those states. But it does not say a state cannot restrict certain interstate commerce entirely. Make it fiscally repugnant to oppose women's rights, not just morally repugnant. You may say, "Well those states can do the same." But the numbers are clear: a minority is forcing this issue. Once everyone in a state is personally impacted by this issue (especially those corporate elites), we'll see the majority coming around. You can personally boycott goods and services produced in these states as well.

  4. Finally, don't lose sight and vote and push this issue until it is immortalized as federal and constitutional law. Eradication of slavery and women's right to vote cannot be stripped away at the whim of five people because those are the law of the land. It's a hard fight, but only then will abortion be a settled issue.

Today is the wake up call: we cannot lean on the court to bring social progress to this country. The battles are back on, the war for women's rights is still ongoing. And so too for whatever the court overturns next.

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