Advancing science through miracles

Hello my peers,

For those of you who recently joined this committee, my name is Lucas Grine. I joined this group almost a decade ago. In a world so politically charged, what I love most in life, besides my family of course, is this committee and our pursuits to improve the world through science. I welcome you all and expect nothing but great things!

For months, I have been working on an ambitious project. Unlike my previous research and experiments, this project involves pointing a finger at Science itself and taking a look at its future. I am happy to say the project has completed and the future is quite bright for humanity.

The advancement of technology and science has been on a decline for decades. Society has written checks it cannot cash: climate change, pollution, exhaustion of natural resources. We as a species always bet on the next generation to finally fix the issues and as a result have left ourselves a deeper and deeper hole to crawl out from each time. All the while we face greater challenges in the science itself to get a sliver of progress for us to savor despite our inevitable collapse.

Science has served us well for a few centuries: first world societies live in unprecedented luxury due to its advances.

However, we now need a different approach to solving our problems and unravelling the nature of the universe. What is the probability that we can succeed without science? Ladies and gentlemen of the committee, I must tell you that the probability is not zero.

With this very idea in mind, I would like to introduce Jerome "Wish" Miles, the luckiest known person alive.

We believe this man possesses the innate ability to push humanity forward and succeed where science could not. We have entered a new period of civilization in which we no longer need theories, laws, or even explanations for the underpinnings of our reality to serve as our foundations. These circumstances demand intuition and guidance that defy all probability, and reason I assure you.

I must insist this document is genuine. Without a doubt, many of you must read this with the same skepticism I once held nearest to my heart. Before I state the results of my project, I would like to articulate Jerome's pedigree. (He insists to be called simply Jerome.)

Some of you have already heard of Jerome's upbringing as it caused quite a legal stir many years ago. Jerome was born on a nonstop flight from Ottawa to Philadelphia. The delivery was a complete success due to there being, not one, but seven doctors on the plane returning to the states from a seminar. The time of birth was 2:22, which isn't in itself remarkable. What is remarkable and what caused such a ruckus: days after the plane landed Canadian and American authorities needed to decide the child's citizenship.

After a lengthy and public investigation, both countries concluded by examining the black box of the plane that on the day of the flight there was no mistaking that the aircraft crossed over the border at exactly 2:22. Jerome was the first child born to receive both Canadian and American citizenship despite both of his parents being from neither country but instead the Caribbean. This decision and the publicity of it also allowed the parents to also gain citizenship and remain in the states where they live to this day.

Now, I know some of you are not versed in international or constitutional law of either of these countries. Myself, experts in these fields, and even Jerome himself will tell you this outcome makes "absolutely no fucking sense." By every possible measure of legal precedent this is not how the law has ever or ever will work. Beyond this miracle of legal maneuvering in those moments, this anomaly still baffles experts to this day. Despite all of this and numerous attempts to overturn within both countries, the decision stands.

This is but one instance of Jerome overcoming not a single impossibility but multiple impossibilities stemming from that first incredible stroke of luck.

These anecdotes continue to leave me in awe even as I share them here now, but they're certainly compelling; scarily so. One more example from Jerome's life involves the lottery not surprisingly. Here especially, please keep this document confidential, as the sensitive nature of this story has not been disclosed broadly.

If anyone of you were foolish and happened to participate regularly in lottery drawings at the turn of the decade you may have noticed an irregularity to say the least. Even before then, Jerome's parents had discovered his ability and wasted no time collecting lottery winnings. They operated cautiously, winning a total of 12 times, only collecting the winnings for 4, each just before the time limit to collect to attract the least attention. This and other schemes had Jerome's family, here and in the Caribbean, living in luxury.

These later irregularities are on a much greater scale. With Jerome, coming of age with altruism on the brain, decided to share his luck with the world. Jerome started an online forum where we would give other people numbers to play. People would somehow stumble upon the forum, see the wake of Jerome's luck in the form of people asking for more and more sequences, and make a request themselves. Jerome privately gave everyone who asked a number. This number proved not to even need to be played the same day or week it was received, whenever it was played it would work.

This influx of winners did not destroy the lottery system since taxes were still being taken out. Lottery officials did get involved and traced the numbers back to Jerome but couldn't find any foul play. For the months Jerome distributed these numbers, various jackpots across the country and even abroad did not grow beyond their initial pots since someone won every drawing. These irregularities subsided, not because of any backlash from the public or the government, but because Jerome found a new way to help people that he preferred over the forum.

So why then is this confidential? How could one person enabling hundreds of people to consistently win lotteries all over the global not already be common knowledge? No seriously, like how the fuck, honestly. Jerome did absolutely nothing to hide his identity (his username was JeromeMiles222) and the forum to this day is accessible and all the content is there. When he stopped, yes there were unanswered comments but this completely escaped and continues to escape the press.

I hope I've made a fair point here. In fact, nothing above is confidential. Go ahead and tell the world. Jerome has luck so other worldly that he is, in my opinion, absolutely untouchable. This is what it means to be the luckiest person alive, to defy all probability. This realization has made me question everything...

With this framing, I believe we have proven our premise's initial legitimacy. I think we can now share the results of our project.

When we began, I asked Jerome to read the "List of unsolved problems in physics" from Wikipedia. Jerome has no formal scientific education, he admitted most of the topics were completely foreign to him. Despite this, having read all the questions, Jerome took a shot at solving them all at once.

Now, I personally hope, despite Jerome's abilities, that the groundwork centuries of scientific research had paved the way for, putting understandable questions to form, was not in vain. However, given that his first guess has so far proven to be the most accurate depiction of our reality, I have my doubts.

The premise of Jerome's theory is such:

Imagine a line, cut it in half with one dimension (a dot). Imagine a plane, cut it in half with a line. Imagine a three dimensional space, cut it in half with a plane. You can go on indefinitely, adding yet another dimension yet still being able to divide a whole in half. What if everything were predicated upon two variances: the number of different dimensions at play and how an infinite space was cut from it.

Could matter represent the places between the cuts and what we perceive as time be a derivative of that give and take of regions in the infinite whole? The "universe" we occupy would then be dictated by the highest number of dimensions of intersecting cuts that form it. The increase in the size of our universe would correlate to the shifting of their boundaries. What we "take" from the whole expands our universe, this rate of growth would serve as a measure of time.

Please take a moment to absorb this. This is not the first time that the theory our reality was a local optimum of a larger orchestration has been proposed. However the framing here has the uncanny ability to serve to describe any phenomena that has ever been proved by our previous standards of observation if cast through this lens. For months I have been postulating this hypothesis is correct, and in theory and application it does seem so.

I will be publishing my findings over the course of the next few months. Please allocate time to validating my results. If you have questions please either reach out to myself or Jerome. Here's to new foundations!