Taking inbox links mainstream with a paid product

Inbox links are a really cool user experience improvement and I want to see more of them on the web. These are links that, based the content of an email, take the recipient directly to that email in their inbox.

For example, I sign up for a service with [email protected]. The service knows I must be using Gmail so it gives me a link directly to that email in Gmail. Super slick and saves time.

It's a win for the service because they got me to confirm my email more quickly and a win for the user for the same reason.

In particular, inbox links bring such a promising improvement to conversion rate in an onboarding funnel that it seemed like something worth making into a paid product for services to plug into their app easily.

With that, I'm happy to introduce which offers the very best inbox links as a service and API.

Inbox links can be implemented by hand but the list of email providers is ever growing, changing, and you bet–breaking links over time. We need a "just works" service to really take inbox links mainstream.

I released the React integration this week, rounding out some pretty solid integration paths to get started with inbox links. From TypeScript support to a quick start guide with copy-paste-able code snippets that just work, the developer experience is pretty sick.

Here's to more inbox links!