Announcing my new product

Introducing, an amazing user experience for setting up DNS records that embeds directly into products that offer DNS integrations. The instructions match what the user's DNS provider is asking for to make setup quick and easy.

I have had really poor experiences with DNS onboarding in the past half decade, on both receiving DNS records to add and giving others DNS records to add.

DNS is a very technical concept and not user-friendly in its design, and our industry does no favors with how fragmented the user experiences around it are. Every user interface for managing DNS records is different and often really confusing.

Facing that complexity, companies tend to throw their hands up and give their users something that will technically work but really fall short on the guidance and support. It's not uncommon for a DNS integration to link to the docs of a few DNS providers, whose docs are just as equally confusing, and call it a day.

This sucks for everyone involved because:

  • The business is leaving a lot of money on the table. They can charge a premium for DNS integrations and users are much more sticky when they get to use them. Poor onboarding experience tanks conversation rate on an otherwise healthy and viable feature set.

  • Users then have a bad time, spinning their wheels trying to cobble things together and/or begin a game of telephone with their IT department to get it set up which drags things out.

  • And in the end the lack of initial investment in the onboarding experience comes back to bite the business again: confused users who want something really bad reach out to support about it and now need arduous hand holding to get set up.

I am tired of this situation so I'm bringing an awesome DNS onboarding experience mainstream. Just a few lines of code is all it takes now to have a DNS onboarding experience that converts well and cuts support burden.

Check it out on, please tell anyone you know who might be interested in up-leveling their product, and thanks for reading!