About me

An incredibly short autobiography

My name is Chris Andrejewski (/andra-jes-key/). I live in Seattle, Washington, but if you meet me in person you are going to learn my hometown is Erie, Pennsylvania.

When I was in elementary school, my music teacher told us people from Erie don't have accents–y'all that was so wrong. Having lived on the west coast for the past few years, I've learned that us east coasters say 'yes' when we agree, but west coasters say 'yes' when they understand. I remain baffled by the latter, and decently intelligible despite the former.

I have written way too much code. I started programming when I was ten, wrote a simple webpage and said, "this is dumb." I took a long three month break, but returned to the computer. Google search was too cool to keep me away. And from there I never stopped.

My wonderful parents bought me a desktop and laptop over the years to support my coding hobby. BUT I was handicapped by their fear of buying things online (that's how old I am) so I had no recourse but to do a ton of open-source projects. Eventually I got old enough to buy stuff myself and I found employment and consulting doing web and server development.

After a few years in the industry, I landed my dream job at Stripe and have been working there for almost half a decade. I've expanded my responsibilities to team lead and mentor to a great few. I'm always looking to help folks along to their next best ever piece of engineering.

Outside of work, I do more coding. Mainly video games people hate. I also draw web comics and write articles (both non-fiction and fiction) which I share on this website. I'm a big fan of stand-up comedians and film. For exercise, I've been a tennis guy but the past year or so I've gotten into badminton. It's pretty fun!

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you like it!