About me (2017)

A few facts to convince you I am interesting

My name is Chris Andrejewski (/andra-jes-key/). I live in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. I am a software engineer and computer scientist. I have been programming almost ten years. I contribute to and maintain a lot of open source projects.

My career goal is to be able to carry a software product from start to finish. This means I want to know how to do everything from idea to execution to scaling to maintenance. I know quite a bit of this by now but I am still learning. My current points of interest are distributed systems and high-level, service-oriented architectures.

Outside of software, I do a few other things. My favorite hobby is watching films, I have seen hundreds and am always open to recommendations. I also watch television, especially comedies and stand up specials but also a drama here and there. I have a fat dog named Comet who steals my socks every morning and burps in my face now and then. I play soccer and tennis when the weather is good, and enjoy bowling, air hockey, and skee ball any time. I celebrate with steak and enjoy country drives.

I enjoy talking to people so if you want to talk about a project or idea or befriend me, please contact me. If you just want to keep up with blips of news about me, you can follow me on Twitter and Github.

My favorite picture

This is the best picture I have ever taken. The summer of 2016 I visited the Smokey Mountains at the North Carolina-Kentucky border. I love nature and this is what I leave my house to find.